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Attention for storage the motorboat
TIME:2014-11-29 Editor:sjboats


Remember always place the motorboat upright in a horizontal position when storing, or fuel could leak out into the engine or engine compartment, which may result in a fire.


Prolonged periods storage, for example, winter storage, requires preventative maintenance to ensure against from deterioration. It is advisable to have the motorboat serviced  by a SANJ dealer prior to storage. However, the procedures can be performed by the owner as follow.


1.1 Flushing the cooling system

Flushing the cooling system is the essential process to keep the cooling system unhindered.



a)  When the engine is not running ,do not supply water to the cooling water passages. Because the water could flow back through the muffler into the crank case causing severe engine damage.

b)  When there is no water supplying,do not run the engine of the motorboat for more than 15 seconds ,or the engine may overheat.

1)   Put the motorboat on land in a horizontal position.

2)   Remove the rear seat and seat storage compartment.

3)   Open the flushing hose connector cap , and then insertthe garden hose adapter into the flushing hose connector and turn it until it is securely connected.

4)   Connect the garden hose adapter to a water tap using a hose.


  The garden hose is not included and must be purchased separately.


5)   Start the engine, and then immediately turn the water supply on until water flows out continually from the jet nozzle.

6)   Run the engine at idling speed for about 3 minutes watching the engine condition.

7)   If the engine stops while flushing, turn the water supply off immediately and repeat the above steps.

8)   Turn the water supply off, and then force the remaining water out from the cooling passages by alternately squeezing and releasing the throttle lever for 10 to 15 seconds.

9)   Stop the engine.

10) Remove the garden hose adapter and secure the cap.


1.2 Lubrication




Make sure not to spray flammable rust inhibitor products on engine surfaces while the engine is hot. The sprayed substance or propellants may catch fire.


1) Remove the rear and front seats.

2) Remove the air filter case cover screws, slide the locks open, and then remove the case cover.

3) Remove the air filter case cover and air filter element.

4) Spray a rust inhibitor such as specific engine fogging oil into each intake opening for 3 seconds.


5) Install the air filter element and air filter case cover.

6) Start the engine in a well-ventilated area and let it run at idle for 15 seconds.

7) Lubricate all cables such as the throttle and steering cables. Use a proper lubricant to pressure lubricate the cables and purge out any moisture between the inner and outer cables.

8) Lubricate the areas of the motorboat specified.


1.3 Fuel system






1) Do not smoke when refueling, and keep away from sparks, flames, or other sources of ignition.

2) Stop engine before refueling.

3) Refuel in a well-ventilated area with the motorboat in a horizontal position.

4) Do not stand or sit on the motorboat while refueling in case of fire.

5) Take care not to spill gasoline. If gasoline spills, wipe it up immediately with dry rags. Always properly dispose of gasoline-soaked rags.

6) Avoid overfilling the fuel tank. Stop filling when the fuel level reaches approximately 50 mm from the top of the fuel tank. Fuel expands as it warms up and could overflow if the fuel tank has been overfilled. If temporarily leaving the motorboat with a full fuel tank, do not leave it in direct sunlight. Leave it in a well-ventilated area with the motorboat in a horizontal position.

7) Tighten the filler cap securely after refueling.

8) If you should swallow some gasoline, inhale a lot of gasoline vapor, or get gasoline in your eyes, get immediate medical attention.

9) If any gasoline spills onto your skin, wash with soap and water immediately. Change clothing if gasoline spills on it.

10) Top off the fuel tank with fresh gasoline and add one ounce of Fuel Stabilizer and Conditioner to each gallon of fuel.


1.4 Something about Battery


1) If the motorboat will not be used for more than a month, disconnect the negative (–) lead first, then the positive (+) lead and breather hose, and then remove the battery from the motorboat.

2) Clean the battery casing with fresh water.

3) If the battery terminals are dirty or corroded, clean them with a wire brush.

4) Fully charge the battery, and then store it in a dark, cool place.

5) Apply marine grease to the battery terminals.

6) Then check the battery at least every 2 months and fully charge it if necessary.



Remenber to connect the breather hose to the battery. Fire or explosion could result if the breather hose is obstructed, damaged, or not connected properly.



If you store the battery for a long period without charging it , it may not be usable again. Charge the battery periodically.


The specific gravity of the electrolyte can show the condition of the battery. However, you can also know the condition of the battery by measuring the voltage at both battery terminals. You should charge the battery if the voltage is less than 12 volts.

Specific gravity: 1.28 at 20 °C (68 °F) (only for reference).


1.5 Cleaning the motorboat

Before storing the motorboat for a long period,You are advised to clean it.

1) Wash down the hull, handlebars, and drive unit with fresh water.

2) Rinse the engine and bilge area with fresh water. Drain off all water and wipe up remaining moisture with clean, dry rags.

3) Spray the engine's exterior with Silicone Protectant and Lubricant.

4) Wax the hull with a non-abrasive wax such as Silicone Wax.

5) Wipe all vinyl and rubber components, such as the seat and engine compartment seals, with a vinyl protectant.


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